Spanish A1

Talkiens’ online A1 Spanish course will allow you to immerse yourself in a new language. Learning spanish will open many doors, not only in Spain but also in many LatinAmerican countries. It is the second most spoken language with a total of 21 spanish-speaking countries. Over 460 million people around the world are native Spanish speakers. Learning a new language, in a way, serves as an introduction into a part of their culture.

Start your adventure with our online Spanish teachers and have fun learning!

Speaking and Listening

With our learning system will enable you to speak Spanish. By the time you finish the A1 Spanish course you will be able to express yourself with simple frases. You will be capable of introducing yourself  in Spanish, and briefly describe other people, places and objects. Thanks to our online Spanish teachers you will slowly assimilate information and learn to comcommunicate in Spanish in simple situations.

Reading and Writing

Learning to read and write simple sentences is one of the first steps to delve into Spanish. For this reason, during the written skills part of the A1 course, you will develop your habilities in the written field. You will also manage to extract the necessary information to complete the exercises in Spanish and sit the exams to prove your level. Moreover, you can apply what you have learned to real-life situations in which you need to communicate in Spanish.



Thanks to Talkiens’ A1 coaching, you will put into practice all you have learned in the written and oral skills sessions, independently, but with the presence and guidance of a teacher in case you have any doubts. The coaching course is designed to practice whatever the student or teacher consider necessary.

Small groups max. 8 people

Real-time classes 3hours per week

Classes and content 100% online

App for students and parents

Goals based on real life situations and culture


How we divide the A1 level

Each Spanish level is divided in 2 courses:

In this level you will be capable of indentifying and describing people, places and objects and speak about common actions with easy. You will be able to indtroduce yourself, greet and say goodbye and ask others about themselves.


6 goals – 126 hours

In this level you will be able to understand and use common frases and simple sentences, as well as talk about your emotions, tastes and interests… You will begin to manage yourself in brief and clear situations and to interact with others.


6 goals – 126 hours


The Spanish A1 compitences are determined by the CEFRL, same as the rest of our levels. In each online course’s landing page you will find what the competences in cuestion are. The A1 competences are the following:
  • Introduce yourself, or others, briefly in Spanish and ask others basic information about themselves: name, age, place of residence…
  • Talk about your family and parents and about your home: describe the house, rooms, objects…
  • Use vocabulary about colors, number, the days of the week and months and professions
  • Pronounce vowels and consenants correctly, and and spell out words in Spanish.
  • Ask and give basic information, as well as understand the answer given.
  • Use and understand common expressions and frases to satisfy inmediate needs.
  • Express your tastes and preferences about everyday topics: food, colors, weather…
  • Talk about everyday actions
At Talkiens you will reach these competences with the help of our teachers. We are not just another online Spanish acadamy, here, our staff will adapt to your level and learning speed. This way you will enjoy the course and have a pleasant learning process.

¿How many Spanish levels are there?

Similarly to other languages, the CEFRL or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages establishes that there are 6 levels. These levels are divided in the following manner:

    • A: also known as basic level
    • B: intermediate level 
    • C: advanced level

Each one of these levels is divided into 1 and 2. In a given level, 1 is the general knowledge and 2 is more specific. This is to say that the existing levels of Spanish are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. 

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