Spanish B1

A B1 Spanish level is the equivalent to an intermediate level of language acquisition. Thanks to Talkiens’ online B1 Spanish course you will consolidate your knowledge. Likewise, our online Spanish teacher will teach you vocabulary, grammer and verbs that you will be able to use in conventional situations. Learning spanish will be very useful seeing as how over 460 million people around the world are native Spanish speakers. Furthermore, it will help you to stand out in the labour market and to access higher education.

Speaking and Listening

The online B1 Spanish course will teach you to express yourself comfortably in social contexts with Spanish as your language of choice. You will be able to tell past experiences, give advice and express your tastes and preferences in a more elaborate way. It will be much easier for you to contribute and obtain the necessary information in conversations and verbal exhanges. Our online teachers adapt to your learning speed so that you can learn Spanish in fun and pleasant manner.

Reading and Writing

Throughout Talkiens’ online B1 Spanish course you will also develop written skills as to past, present and future issues. You will also be capable of hipothesizing, using and understanding idioms, express your opinions and feeling with more complex structures and narate stories. Our online teacher will help you to improve your level and confidence each day.


Thanks to Talkiens’ B1 coaching, you will work on all the necessary skills and subject matter, so as to strengthen that which you consider important, in a more independant way. Your coaching teacher will be avaiable to you during these sessions in case you have any doubts. 

Small groups max. 8 people

Real-time classes 3hours per week

Classes and content 100% online

App for students and parents

Goals based on real life situations and culture


How we divide the B1 level

Each Spanish level is divided in 2 courses:

In this level you will be capable of expressing wishes, opinions, instructions, advice, feeling, needs, interests and of describing events and experiences in most situations and contexts.


6 goals – 126 hours

In this level you will be able to understand and use idioms, speak and write frases with complex structures, hypothesize, express wishes, opinions and goals in familiar environments.


6 goals – 126 hours


In order to pass the Spanish B1 level and continue on to the next, each student must meet the competences shown. These competences are determined by the CEFRL and thanks to the content in our B1 Spanish course and our teachers you will be able to acheive them successfully.

  • Make simple descriptions
  • Make comparisons
  • Ask for permission and give or deny permission
  • Express lack of knowledge and ask about it
  • Give advice and suggestions
  • Tell stories in an organized manner both written and spocken
  • Talk about possibilities
  • Relay other people’s words
  • Understand and write texts about known topics related to work, studies or everyday life
  • Express yourself comfortably in frquent situations
  • Express wishes, plans, opinions and aspirations in everyday contexts

Our online Spanish teacher will work with you. This way, they will help you to gain this knowledge, which you will later be able to apply to your life. Talkiens is not just another online Spanish acadamy. Here, we want you to have fun while learning Spanish.

¿How many Spanish levels are there?

Similarly to other languages, the CEFRL or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages establishes that there are 6 levels. These levels are divided in the following manner:

    • A: also known as basic level
    • B: intermediate level 
    • C: advanced level

Each one of these levels is divided into 1 and 2. In a given level, 1 is the general knowledge and 2 is more specific. This is to say that the existing levels of Spanish are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. 

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