Spanish B2

The B2 in Spanish is an advanced level. With Talkiens’ online course you will reinforce your knowledge and perfect all you have learned in th B1 course, while increasing the complexity. Our online teachers will guide you through this level until you pass. Here, you will learn Spanish in a dynamic and fun way. Did you know that there are a total of 21 spanish-speaking countries? This translates to over 460 million people around the world. Solidifying your Spanish level will help you to stand out in the labour market and in social situations.

Speaking and Listening

Thanks to our online B2 Spanish you will be able to go further. You will learn Spanish expressions, both formal and informal complex grammatical structuresand will be able to express more specific ideas, thoughts and emotions and identify nuances and details in dialogue. Speaking and Listening, at a B2 level, expose you to the Spanish accent from Spain and other spanish-speaking countries. This will be very useful in spaces where Spanish is the working language.

Reading and Writing

At Talkiens you will also take part in Spanish B2 activities, regarding Writing and Reading so as to use synonyms in your writing, establish past, present and future conditions and hypotheses. Also express yourself socially with barely any problems, you will be able to  declare your intentions and objectives and will learn polite structures which will help you to fend for yourselve in more formal spaces. By the end of the course, you will have an extensive vocabulary and knowledge related to grammar, expressions, connectors and useful resources to face all types of texts.


Thanks to Talkiens’ B2 coaching, you will work on all the necessary skills and subject matter, so as to strengthen that which you consider important, in a more independant way. Your coaching teacher will be avaiable to you during these sessions in case you have any doubts.

Small groups max. 8 people

Real-time classes 3hours per week

Classes and content 100% online

App for students and parents

Goals based on real life situations and culture


How we divide the B2 level

Each Spanish level is divided in 2 courses:

In this level you will be capable of expressing wishes, opinions, instructions, advice, feeling, needs, interests and of describing events and experiences with more elaborate structures, distinguishing small nuances which vary the meaning. All this for abstract and concrete subjects as well as subjects of a technical nature on areas of specialized knowledgto which they have previously had access.


6 goals – 126 hours

In this level you will be able to understand and use idioms, speak and write frases with more elaborate structures, debate or defend points of view, hypothesize, express wishes, opinions and goals fluidly and naturally on concrete, abstract and technical subjects. This way, the dialogue will be carried out effortlessly by the speakers.


6 goals – 126 hours



Simmilarly to other languages, in order to reach a B2 level in Spanish and move on to C1, the student must surpass the level’s competences. These competences are determined by the CEFRL. Thanks to our teaching method in Spanish, our online teachers will help you to acheive them.


  • Express feelings of fear, surprise and/or worry
  • Know vocabulary about Spanish festivities, cuisine, current topics…
  • Warn the other speaker about something
  • Convey negative emotions: disapproval, sadness, anger or outrage
  • Make subordiantes sentences
  • Distinguish and correctly use terminology pertaining to  prohibition, neccessity and obligation
  • Make proper use of the subjunctive
  • Tell stories in all verbal tenses and with all intents
  • Make hypotheses and establish conditions in past, present and future tenses


Talkiens in not just another online Spanish academy. Here, you will work with our teachers in order to reach a B2 level of Spanish. They will adapt to your speed, so that you feel comfortable and can later apply your knowledge to your everyday life.

¿How many Spanish levels are there?

Similarly to other languages, the CEFRL or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages establishes that there are 6 levels. These levels are divided in the following manner:

    • A: also known as basic level
    • B: intermediate level 
    • C: advanced level

Each one of these levels is divided into 1 and 2. In a given level, 1 is the general knowledge and 2 is more specific. This is to say that the existing levels of Spanish are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. 

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